A very warm welcome from Annette Hadley, creative entrepreneur and owner of Abundance Art.  I encourage a healing journey through the powers of creativity, both mine and yours. To contact me about any of my products and how I can serve you, click here or on my photo above. I'd love to hear from you! 

Introducing the first in my From Fear to Love book series: chock full of stories, reflections, a bit of poetry, paintings, photos, illustrations and other evocative images, How Creativity Saved My Life is sure to inspire and encourage you.  As part of my pre-publishing promotion, I will be giving away 100 free copies and would love for you to have one! Click here or on the image above for more info and to sign up for your free copy. 

Interested in having your healing journey/accomplishment expressed as a beautiful custom piece of fine art? I'm here to serve you with a special pre-publishing book promotion. Just click here or on the photo above.

Here you will find inspiration and encouragement in original and reproduction paintings and photographs, and artisanal notecards for sale, as well as poems, journal excerpts, reflections, and a collection of hand drawn mandalas. All of these are woven in and out of the story of how creativity found its way into my remarkable journey of trauma recovery and healing.

Prefer upscale photographic art? Pop over to ShopAbstractPhotography.com for the stunning beauty of Imperial Russian Chandeliers, pictures of which I took during my life-long dream trip to Russia in 2015. Additional collections art on the way.