I nourish the world
with what nourishes me.

— Annette Hadley

What inspires and nourishes you? I don't believe it's about the things we have in our lives, rather it's the beauty and energy that they bring to us. And when we are rooted in positive experiences, we can inspire and encourage others from a perspective of abundance rather than depletion.

That's how the world is meant to go round. 

This conviction has led me to the intention to nourish others with what nourishes me. How? Through my creativity, born out of an immense healing journey, which has resulted in amazing visual and written art that inspires, excites and nurtures. Along with trauma healing and creative/business resources, I use it to nourish and encourage others. 

I'm Annette Hadley, owner of Abundance Art. Creative nourisher. Welcome!


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