All About Maitri*

*Maitri is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning unconditional loving kindness. In my healing journey, I came across the word in one of Pema Chodron's books, and I fell in love with it, as applied to myself, other people, and all of God's creation. In fact, I decided that the next time I adopted a cat, I would name her Maitri so as to bring even more awareness of the precious gift of unconditional loving kindness into my life. I did. And it did. Sadly, Maitri was killed in a freak accident in July 2018. But her beautiful spirit continues to nourish...

Click   here   to order Maitri's Memweowr Part One

Click here to order Maitri's Memweowr Part One

Feed on her exotic beauty and her unconditional loving kindness. Be calmed by her gentleness and amused by her cleverness. Nobody walked away from her untouched. She really was special. So special in fact that she's the only cat I know who wrote her own memweowr! 

Maitri Reflections 

Join Maitri as she shares her adventures and take on life, from the deserts of the Middle East to the Midwest USA.

Cards by Maitri

Maitri's catpanions Lucy and Kiki love having their pics taken, so Maitri designed her own notecard line with her own paw print label.

Maitri Bytes

Maitri loved having fun and getting into and out of trouble. Plus making up little bitty videows and powems. Come and see... 

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