Just as in trauma recovery,
for me it takes a village
to raise a business...


Holistic Mastermind - Monique Alvarez, my art agent, guides and encourages me every day along the way. I'm learning much from her about how to get Abundance Art noticed in a big way. She weaves leading edge best practices into my marketing activities, and supports me by completing various tasks and projects on my behalf. She also holds me accountable, which feels, well, safe. Like there's a safety net underneath me. 

InterUrban ArtHouse | Art, Enterprise, Education, Community - this is an amazing non profit organization whose goal is to support people just like me. Apparently I'm an entrepreneur! Through monthly Web and Marketing Coop meetings, artist and writer roundtable events and special seminars focused on creative industries - all free -  I learned about the basics of website construction and design as well as trademark, copyright, insurance and other relevant considerations. Plus a great place to network and learn from other artists and writers. Go IUAH!

Kansas Small Business Development Center (KSBDC) - another amazing resource, the KSBDC is free to all Kansans and without it I would still be wondering how to get started. With one on one consulting and collaboration, I am learning how to become a successful business woman. As well as figuring out what I can outsource and understanding what further resources are out there for me.

KC Crossroads Arts District - I held my first exhibit at Shaughnessy and Associates Studio June 6, 2015. Every first Friday of the month, galleries and studios remain open 6-9pm to feature local artists' work.  

Images Art Gallery - the Gallery is a non profit artists co-op to which I belong, where approximately 30 artists offer various art pieces of various 2D and 3D mediums. Every third Friday of the month, we remain open 6-9pm to welcome the public and offer refreshments and a chance to visit with some of the artists. This is where I currently exhibit. 

Art Supplies Creative-Coldsnow Artist Materials & Framing - my car sometimes automatically drives here now, knowing that whatever I need, they supply it. And if they can't, they point me in the right direction.

Overland Park Art and Frame - this is where I get any framing I need done. They are professional and provide excellent guidance in matting and framing options.

Pamela Hawkins | Artist / Art Medicine Woman - from art medicine woman to friend and mentor to website/graphic designer, Pam brings superb insight, guidance, and talent. She is golden.

Laura Fitzgibbons Photography - my friend since high school, Laura is my go to girl for professional head shots and creative process capture.

Shaughnessy & Associates Photography - David professionally photographed my early artwork in his studio in the KC Crossroads District

Rick Gier - Attorney & Counselor - is my trademark attorney, managing all the nitty gritty bits, leaving me free to focus on other things.

The Classical Girl - is my sister Terez Rose, and she is the family trailblazer for all things writing and website related. We have shared a love for classical music for many years.