Welcome to Creativity Heals Mastermind Group Coaching

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Whether you're just taking first baby steps towards meeting your inner artist, exploring creativity as a way to heal, or wanting to grow from your current creative level in a holistic healing way and desire your own creative healing tribe on your journey, you're in the right place!

A registered nurse with a passion for people and a strong background in healthcare and clinical informatics, I spent seven years in my own personal and extensive trauma recovery healing with a Somatic Experiencing™ (SE®) certified Licensed Counselor. That healing journey birthed prolific creativity along with great compassion and wisdom, and it grew my naturally empathic and intuitive heart. A heart that wants to share and help others grow in their own healing journeys, harnessing the power of creativity. Along with a head for organization, and a can-do attitude, I will walk with each of you, encouraging and guiding you to manifest and grow the precious creative gifts that are already inside you. You are the co-creator of your life, and I'm here to support you! 

A Mastermind is a group of people with a shared interest, coming together on a regular basis  for a defined period of time  for a specific purpose, the overall goal being  the betterment of each person and the group as a whole. The group is led by an expert facilitator (that would be me) who helps members grow individually towards their stated goals as well as in relationship to others. The main benefit of meeting as a group is that each member contributes something, and all come away with ideas they may not have considered on their own. 

This Creativity Heals Mastermind has grown out of a deep personal calling ... a desire to create a safe space to support and guide  those who seek healing through creative expression. To nourish others with what first nourished and healed me. Each Mastermind group consists of myself and seven clients. We meet via teleconference for two hours six times over a period of two months, starting the middle of September and finishing the middle of November. We keep to a structured format that includes gratitude sharing and the opportunity for each member to have fifteen or more minutes of one-to-one focused time with me. In this model, we all learn and grown... together. As a tribe.

In addition, there are three levels of engagement, including options to work more directly with me. Each is offered at a special introductory rate, and payment plans are available.

  1. Mastermind Basic: six Mastermind calls over an eight week period.
  2. Mastermind Plus: six Mastermind calls over an eight week period plus three one-hour private calls.
  3. Mastermind Ultra: six Mastermind calls over an eight week period plus six ninety-minute private coaching calls. 

Mastermind Basic

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Each weekday group enjoys their own private FB group for the duration of the Mastermind, which is a nice way to keep in touch, reach out, support and be supported in your creative healing between calls.  In addition, when you sign up you will be eligible for free lifetime access to my private FB group Creativity Heals Community ($30 value - free!), so you will be able to stay in touch with your tribe and connect with others on their own creative healing journeys even after the Mastermind. Wow. Think of it... a lifetime creativity tribe!

Mastermind Plus

Do you like the idea of a Mastermind, and also want a bit of private one to one time with me? The Mastermind Plus may be a great fit for you. You receive the Basic package, plus three one-hour calls with me during the eight week period. 

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Mastermind Ultra

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This option is for the person who wants both the weekly companionship  of the Mastermind group, and six ninety-minute weekly private calls with me for more engaged support and guidance. 

In this arrangement, I will ensure we establish and maintain clear and loving  boundaries that honor where you are in your healing journey. It takes a lot of courage for you to step this fully into a healing commitment. I know. I've been there. And I will be there for you, as an experienced and compassionate creativity companion.

Interested in joining the next Mastermind?

We'll be starting our first Mastermind in mid September. Contact me here if you'd like to learn more. I'll be in touch with you soon!

Let's create something beautiful together!

Here's what people are saying about working with me.

Kelly Anderson, Wellness Advocate and member of Creativity Heals Facebook Group

Kelly Anderson, Wellness Advocate and member of Creativity Heals Facebook Group

"Annette has been a wonderful friend and mentor to me this year. Her deep commitment to facilitating healing in the lives of others shines through in every interaction with her kind heart. I highly recommend that you get to know this lovely lady and glean all you can from the wisdom that emanates from her own journey to healing. I don't consider myself to be an artist, I just began to put color on the paper. I was surprised at what I found in there in my drawings… support and encouragement for starters, love and much needed positive enlightenment, as well!” 

From my Something For Your Soul commissioned painting clients

After our design call: "I was surprised at how powerful it felt when Annette told me that I was a co-creator. I hadn't really thought about that." 

Then... "I love it!" on receiving a photo of the nearly finished work. 

And then..."I just received my personal art work and it is a glowing testament to Annette's insight into my soul.  She heard my story and transferred my spirit to the canvas.  The piece is alive with meaning and will be a treasured heirloom for generations to come." 

Mary Miller, Living Well, Living Lane, Eugene OR

Flowers for Mary, 18x24 Acrylic on canvas

Flowers for Mary, 18x24 Acrylic on canvas

Mystery, 18x24 Acrylic on canvas

Mystery, 18x24 Acrylic on canvas

Having this lovely painting right by my side allows me to enjoy it many times every day. And each time I look at it, I receive a different impression or message. It is different from other paintings, in that every time I look at it it draws me in to consider what it has to say to me on that particular day. The painting pulls me inside of myself and revealssomething deep within me. It is both a mystery and the unfolding of a mystery. It is velocity inside of the stillness or stillness inside the velocity. It is both untethered and grounded. The empty space is pure potential. Sometimes this feels wonderful and other times scary. As you can tell, it is intensely personal and I appreciate its everchanging presence. Thank you for the love and care that went into creating this for me.

 - Kathleen Hermes, Transformative Leadership Coach, Leawood KS

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