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This book was begun well over a year ago and set aside temporarily for the writing of From Fear to Love How Creativity Saved My Life and Will Change Yours for the Better. It is with great joy that my therapist and I are proceeding now with it.   

Following on from the  first book, this one delves in greater detail  into the unfolding story of an amazing trauma recovery journey, delivered through back-and-forth commentary by myself and Candy, my trauma recovery therapist. A journey that lasted more than six years through weekly (sometimes more frequently) sessions, using the Somatic Experiencing™ (SE®) treatment modality.

Never before has such a journey been chronicled like this by both client and clinician, through immense emotional darkness and fear... with great courage, curiosity, and compassionate support.

Especially ideal for anyone in the behavioral sciences field, this book offers an unprecedented real-life case study for the practicing clinician, student, and, for those who are ready, the client.

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