From Fear to Love... Creativity

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From Fear to Love... Creativity

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Your beautiful soul deserves beautiful expression. This book will show you how healing is possible through creative expression.

Living and working in three countries, and traveling to over thirty countries in the last twelve years, Annette found herself and her truth through immense personal pain, growth and the creativity it birthed. Her abstract photographs and paintings, sourced from her soul and world experiences, draw people in with their vibrant energy. 

In this book, Annette will share with you:

  • A little bit about trauma and a lot about HEALING.
  • How comforting unconditional loving kindness can be.
  • The value and importance of CONNECTING with the child within.
  • How creative expression, both visual and written, is a powerful healer. 

You will also learn:

  • How to draw your own mandalas and understand their messages to you.
  • The "rules" of process painting, and how to set up your own home studio.
  • The story behind her love affair with mandalas, chandeliers and the world.
  • How to manifest beautiful soul-connected fine art into your space. 

If you’re ready, spirit and soul, to experience the transforming power of creativity, this is the book for you.