Why The Beginning is so important

Hi everyone, and TGIF! In Qatar, it's already the weekend. Here in the US it starts later today. It didn't take me any time to get used to that change when we moved here, because everyday is Caturday for me!

Want to know why "the Beginning" is so important? It's because when Nettie adopted me and Lucy, she made the commitment to keep us with her when she left Qatar, wherever she moved. She would NOT abandon us. Period. So many cats are not so lucky. Eighty five percent of the population in Qatar consists of expatriates, and many "rescued" cats are abandoned when their adopted families depart.

So here's the cool thing: Lucy and I were rescued and fostered through an organization called Cats In Qatar, totally volunteer operated. Nettie even worked with some of them at her job. Those kind people find stray kittens and cats, take them in, care for them, pay for their medical needs, including spaying or neutering if appropriate, and sometimes other operations, then find people to adopt them. Forever. (In the case of feral cats, they support Qatar's TNR (trap, neuter, return) program. Cuz feral cats, unlike stray cats, are really wild and  just want to stay outside. That way, at least they don't make more feral baby kitties…

Cats in Qatar also has a Facebook page. So if you live in Qatar and/or you really really like cats and maybe even want to help them out financially, you know how to find them.

Thank you Cats in Qatar for helping Lucy and me find our forever home with such a loving caring human. And thanks Nettie for giving us a great life. We love you!

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