Rain Forest, Volcano and Flying, Oh My!

Ahhh, my thoughts have come back tonight to the delight and adventure that is Costa Rica. How curious that I would be scared of my own power, and yet not hesitate to fly through the sky hundreds of feet from the ground along a cable secured with a harness and some other safety features. I also once jumped out of a perfectly good plane, but that's a story for another time. 

To elaborate a bit on a the Pure Vida blog, my friend Sheila and I were staying near the Arenal Volcano, and fancied some more adventure, taking advantage of a nearby opportunity to go zip lining. Here's how it works:

  • Find a reputable zip lining  company and schedule a time
  • Show up and pay
  • Learn the safety rules and put on your gear
  • Get in a cage like lift and proceed up into and above the rain forest
  • Observe and take photos of the incredible views, flora, and maybe even some monkeys
  • Arrive at your first "jump" destination. Our package included five, the first time starting at the highest altitude, the cable ending at a lower altitude, and so on till we were done. Since the zip lines use a pulley system to reduce friction, the adventurer gets to go FAST. Yes!
  • Take turns getting hooked up and taking off.
  • Have fun "flying"
  • Land safely
  • Tip generously

I'm going to share two videos with you. The first was taken by me as I zip lined along a relatively long stretch. I'm experiencing it in my mind now. The sound of the zip line, the feeling of the air on my skin, the view of the sky above, volcano to the side, and the rain forest canopy below then around me. What an absolute thrill and sense of freedom, being one with nature - even if just for a wee moment in time. Notice how when I thank my landing crewman, he responds with "con gusto, amiga" (with pleasure, friend), not "de nada" (it is nothing).

This second video was shot with my camera by one of the previous jumpers, capturing my landing on a subsequent jump.

The entire adventure was over before we knew it. We'd had such a blast with each other and the crew, it was sort of strange to imagine them going through the process with someone else. Come to think of it, one of the young men did invite us to go partying with them that night. LOL and a real boost for me. I was old enough to be their mother! And no we did not join them.

Why am I sharing the adventure bits instead of photos of the beaches and flowers and other beautiful countryside? Well, hang on to your harness, I've got plans for content and images coming in the next few days that will make you want to book a flight, if you haven't done so already. And besides, I'm feeling adventurous right now. 

Costa Rica is a land of such great beauty and natural resources, there's something for everyone. Inland, at the coast, in the air, on the ground, near (but not too much so) the volcano and far away from it. The people are warm, the climate is lovely, and the outstanding natural beauty is soul nourishing.

What can I say? Pura Vida!

If you don’t see traveling to Costa Rica in your near (or far) future, you can have it in  your own home. Come see various print sizes and notecards of my Costa Rica Beach painting (below) on my website store, and see if you feel a tugging in your heart for a little Pura Vida.


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