From Turkey to Tacos

So, it's the day after Thanksgiving. Another day perfect for reflection. For how yesterday went, for recovering from food and family time. Maybe for being glad THAT'S over. Maybe for how you hope to learn and grow from your experience.

How do those of you who celebrate the holiday spend this day after? For many, life returns to normal, those with Monday through Friday jobs either returning to work, or lucky enough to have a four day weekend.

Thanksgiving leftovers, if any, are consumed. What's your favorite leftover combo? Do you eat pie for breakfast? :)

In my family, we follow an unconventional tradition: we have tacos. This started around forty years ago, when I was still living at home. Older siblings had married and moved away, spending Thanksgiving with out of town in-laws. My parents, wanting to have a complete family gathering at some point over the weekend, established a Saturday night taco feast.

Fast forward some years to when I began hosting the taco feast at my home, moving the day up to Friday to catch as many out of towners as possible. Dessert? Leftovers from the night before, plus some brownies. Tacos + brownies = perfect.

When I lived out of the country, someone else hosted. When I moved back, I resumed. Last year, with me not being up for hosting, we went to a movie then out for Mexican.

As I type, I plan in my mind for about 20 people tonight. In early years I cooked from scratch. For years now, I call the local Mexican restaurant and order trays of ingredients. It's thoughtful to support local businesses, don't you think?

Tacos at my KC flat, 2009 (I hope family doesn't mind!)

Tacos at my KC flat, 2009 (I hope family doesn't mind!)

For me, traditions are important in family life. Even with drama and trauma, they can serve to keep us connected and growing together as we grow larger in size - family size, that is… though it often includes body size.

So, what family traditions do you keep? Is it easy, not so easy, hard, near impossible, impossibleto keep them going? Can you spend time with each other, honoring your differences, recognizing your triggers? Have you been blessed with and/or developed healthy boundaries? Tell me what you think, what you feel.

Share your traditions story.

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