Bonus Blogpost: My New (Ad)Venture is Live!

Hello all,

Well, my brain and my body are so much in the habit of writing a blogpost, that here I am again!

There's been a rumor going around that I've been gestating.

Yes, it's true.

I've been growing something for a couple of months now, and I'm proud to announce it's a brand new...  website!

And notice my favorite little swirl on the left of the new logo? A nice bit of golden continuity with its blue cousin from my Abundance Art Logo.

Back to ShopAbstractPhotography, here's what's great about the first photographic collection featured on the new website. three of which are shown here to further entice you.

  • I know you'll love these twelve gorgeous chandeliers I captured on my dream trip to Russia as much as I do.
  • The images go through a special printing process involving aluminium - that's aluminum to you Americans, the only ones in the world who pronounce it that way.. but I digress -  and polymers that bring out the absolute luster and splendor of each piece.
  • The collection is a limited edition, which means each individual piece (signed and numbered by yours truly) may very well increase in value over time. Get yours now!
  • These beauties are perfect for a variety of residential and commercial venues.
  • For your convenience, you can purchase them directly from my Abundance Art Facebook page.
  • All shipping, domestic and international is included in the price. Woo hoo! Come on world!

In case you're wondering, is absolutely alive and well, and continues to grow, as Candy and I progress with co-authroing our trauma recovery book. The chandelier collection that was there will be replaced with different photos in the next few weeks, along with some other changes to make it easier to navigate the website.

Plus, I added a link at the bottom of the Abundance Art home page that takes you directly to  ShopAbstractPhotography.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

One more thing. I have created a YouTube channel called Abundance Art,  and am in the process of  loading videos old and new onto it, including some of my trek/travel adventures to Nepal, Trauma and Somatic Experiencing education, and business and marketing stuff. Also, I'm still figuring out some of the features, so bear with me. Do let me know if there's anything particular you're like me to post. I can do funny. I like funny.

Because of all that's going on, I'm asking for your help and support. The good news is that it takes very little effort. I would be SOOOOOO grateful in you would share this in your social media and email circles, to really help me get the word out. Plus, get your friends and family to sign up for my email list. I'll be giving away a painting for free to celebrate the beginning of 2017, and you have to be on my mailing list to win.

Mailing list + chance to win free cool art = no brainer. :) Pass it on

I think that's quite enough for one day, don't you? 

Enjoy your weekend!

Peace and love to all.

I'm falling asleep!



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Aleppo: Deconstructed or Connected?

Have you had a chance yet to read Blogpost #25 Aleppo? If not, please do so. It remains very much on my mind since I wrote it. 

The regime is telling the people there to leave or die. Yet those who leave risk being detained and/or tortured and/or killed. Plus, I have read that the rebels are pressuring people who want to leave to stay. With no hospitals, invasive medical procedures are being conducted in basements without anesthetic. Talk about being between an exponential rock and hard place.

Ouch. I mean really, OUCH. My soul hurts.

As you know, I have chosen to auction my quadriptych (four panels in one) "Aleppo" painting to support the victims and rescuers in and around Aleppo,  Syria. Yet something niggled ever since that post a couple of days ago. Really niggled. Some thing wasn't quite right.

I figured it out today.

I am meant to give more freely. To model giving more freely out of love and solidarity for my Syrian brothers and sisters.

I had my 25% wrong. I was going to donate 25% of the proceedings, and it's supposed to be the other way around.

I'm going to keep 25% of the proceedings. I will donate 75% to The British Red Cross who is on the ground today outside Aleppo providing emergency aid.

Don't get me wrong. It is my intention to prosper in my business, and I believe with all my heart that success finds me. I'm learning that it is through providing a service to others, by serving, that I can really help others. 

This time, this feels right.

So, here again is Aleppo, my original quadriptych paintings, acrylic on canvas, four 14"x14" panels making up one image 28"x28" image. It it designed to be hung in one of two ways:

Deconstructed - this represents the brokenness and division of the city and its people.


Connected: This represents my dream that Aleppo will heal and rebuild in peace.

We can together serve up love and compassion and solidarity and relief. We can raise money for a humanitarian cause, to help in one of modern history's most horrific humanitarian crises. To help our fellow humans, our brothers and sisters in and around Aleppo.

My ask of you?

Come forth and enter your bid below! The winning bidder will also receive an assortment of Abundance Art notecards in addition to the paintings.

And if you can't bid, consider making even a small contribution to a Syrian/Aleppo relief agency of your choice. Just google it. 

And if you can't donate, remember the people in your thoughts, your prayers. Imagine peace.

Let's show the world what love and solidarity look like.


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The Marvelous Mysterious Mandala

Sea, Wishfulness, by Annette Hadley, 2010

Sea, Wishfulness, by Annette Hadley, 2010

Back in summer of 2010, I was introduced to the mandala during a trauma recovery therapy session. It started as simply as this gentle prompt from my therapist as she gave me paper and pastel chalk: "Draw a circle. Now fill it in." We did some additional work around what I drew, and now, 100 mandalas later, my love and appreciation for them has deepened immensely.

From my own hand drawn ones to all other forms.

Woah! Let's back up. What's a mandala you ask?

It's just a circle. And so much more. Because the circle itself is so rich in meaning, considered among different cultures and faith traditions a symbol that:

  • Is universal, sacred and divine
  • Signifies family ties, closeness & protection
  • Represents the infinite nature of energy, of the notions of totality, wholeness, original perfection, the infinite, eternity, timelessness.

And finally, a perfect circle is symbolic of something that is whole, complete, ideal and eternal; a circle has no ending and no beginning.

I just love that! What do you think about it? Let's take it a step further into its place as a mandala.

If you ask Wikipedia, here's what you get: A mandala (Sanskrit: मण्डल, lit, circle) is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Indian religions, representing the universe. And I would add that the mandala/circle that represents the universe just happens to manifest itself in countless forms throughout our own little mandala/sphere called earth.

It is those manifestations I've fallen in love with, that I am drawn to like a moth to light. Mandalas are found in nature and architecture, natural creations and drawn designs, coloring books and specialty books. They may be round or create a round pattern. They may be spheres. They are created from repurposed broken bits of glass and other bits and bobs. They form on the floor when I'm sweeping up a broken Pyrex measuring cup, They show up as a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. 

Pyrex Breaks 

Pyrex Breaks 

Costa Rica Plant

Costa Rica Plant

Summer in a Glass 

Summer in a Glass 

I zero in on them wherever I go.

Why does this matter? How does this happen? Because I have the mandala appreciation gene, of course! Those blessed with eyes to see experience a deeper awareness of the endless beauty of creation, the marvelous handiwork of craftsman, and the reminder of an eternal universal connection.

It's like there's a bit of software in my brain that registers the shape "circle" and I immediately experience a sense of one or more of the following:

Costa Rica mandala spheres.png
  • Path
  • Calm
  • Peace
  • Beauty
  • Eternity
  • Mystery
  • Curiosity
  • Symmetry
  • Wholeness
  • Nourishment
  • Completeness
  • Playfulness (who doesn't love to play ball?

I want to linger and soak it up. My brain circle software reminds me: 

  • Oh, my! Get a photo of that!

And so I do.

Here are some mandala photos from my most recent travel to London, Nice, and Monaco.

From left: Monaco Mystery, Hilton Paddington Lamp, Nice Stonemasonry, London Chandelier

From left: Monaco Mystery, Hilton Paddington Lamp, Nice Stonemasonry, London Chandelier

My favorite mandala manifestation right now is the chandelier. Along with the power of the circle, in comes the power of light and all that it represents: power, beauty, illumination, possibilities. Abstract? Perhaps. Perfection? Definitely. I'm like a kid in a candy store when I find chandeliers to photograph. And they're so perfect because they offer a variety difference of perspectives, often mandalas within mandalas. 

Having introduced the chandelier as mandala, I invite you to my online store where you can purchase prints of my first collection, all photos taken in Russia in 2015.

Spasibo (thanks)!

So look around you. And up. And down. Repeat. Discover the marvelous mysterious mandala.

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go slow: woman on a journey

Since July 2010, I have been drawing mandalas as a way to express my inner emotions. This has been in the context of ongoing trauma recovery therapy and healing and is explained in more detail here. Today, I share my experiences and photos of the various exhibits, because this is part of fulfilling my mission and vision to nourish the world with what nourishes me. 

An important concept to understand about the exhibit is that the title - "go slow: woman on a journey" is also meant to guide the visitor's approach to the exhibit. Go slow. (Ok, slowly is grammatically correct, but slow it is, because that's what came from my heart). This exhibit is a journey through time and a journey into my story. And if you go slow enough, it can be a journey into your story. For that reason, it is important to design a journey like path rather than a straight line of mandalas. The very act of taking steps around the corner to see what's next evokes reflection and journey-making.

My first exhibit was part of the KC Crossroads First Friday in June 2015 - one year to the date I registered my new business with the state of Kansas - and contained 12 mandalas mounted on tall angled white boards. I promoted the event with Facebook posts and rack cards distributed to local businesses. The exhibit was on the fourth floor of a historic building, and people coming in were saying that they were told, on the way up, by people on the way down, to keep going, that it was worth it. Later, I was told repeatedly by friends and visitors they were really affected by the images and the associated commentary. One man in particular told me that "Release" (below) touched his heart in a way it had not been touched in a long time. He ended up over time ordering two print reproductions, proclaiming on receipt of them that they looked just like he remembered and they still had the power to touch his heart. How gratifying! How very very gratifying. I even played with the notion that I am worth climbing four flights of stairs. Wow.


My second exhibit was June 14th through July 9th 2016 at Images Art Gallery, where I am a member, as part of my being a featured artist for the month. This meant that my artwork displayed prominently at the front of the gallery. My paintings, prints and notecards filled the wall and window space, and "go slow: woman on a journey" occupied free standing space adjacent to that. Discovery and Uncovery were mounted on black angled grid panels, and Recovery on additional wall space. I was able to double the number of mandalas included in the exhibit from the previous year, which was a real blessing. I promoted the exhibit primarily through my Abundance Art Instagram and Facebook accounts and purchasing posts on HerLife Magazine. As well, this year I provided two new components: a printed introduction to the exhibit, as well as a means for visitors to order prints at the gallery. People took advantage of both. I also made myself present on several occasions to talk with visitors. One woman told me she totally "got it" and went on to say that she too was a trauma survivor. I think it felt good for both of us to be understood and be reminded that we are not alone.

From July 12th through July 22th, my third exhibit, really a continuation of the second, showed at Images Art Gallery. I very much appreciated the board's approval for this unprecedented extension, our hope being that it would bring additional visibility to the gallery, The exhibit was redesigned and mounted entirely on angled black grid panels. The journey through Discovery, Uncovery and Recovery involves walking back and forth around the panels, in a style similar to 2015.

As part of promoting this exhibit I purchased an eblast ad from HerLife Magazine, and as a member of InterUrbanArtHouse I submitted a feature for inclusion in their July newsletter. 

Unfortunately, long story short, the exhibit had to be taken down urgently due to ceiling leak issues. Like life, our journeys don't go how we plan them. Thankfully no damaged occurred, and the mandalas and panels are safely packaged and stored for their next outing. In the meantime, you can still visit the exhibit here on my website.

So that's the story of the exhibit that grew from pain and hope come together, sparked by an inspired title long before it became a reality, and mixed with lots of love and support and healing. May each of you find inspiration and encouragement for your own life journeys.

How curious and delightful that my mandala exhibit began on a tiled floor mandala.

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