Let It Go, Let It Go, Let It Go

Just as it takes a village to raise a child (and in my family, a village to help my 90 year old still relatively independent father), so too it takes a village to run a business. I am the owner of Abundance Art, and I do not have any employees. I do however have an amazing village. From my business development consultant to my life coach, graphic designer, marketing agent, accounting peeps, attorney, non paid helper bees and connected family and friends, that's still only part of it.

I am blessed with participation in a Holistic Mastermind group for female entrepreneurs, facilitated by Monique Alvarez of Monique Alvarez Enterprises during weekly online conference calls. In addition to those invaluable folks mentioned above, my co-sojourners in entrepreneurial adventures round out my tribe, my team. Monique teaches, pushes, guides, admonishes, comforts, pushes, pushes, pushes us to grow. Outside the box. Outside our comfort zones. She grooms us to be leaders, changers. And since I believe that what I do can change the world, I'm in for the ride.

Sometimes I'm so pumped I feel like I can do anything and everything. Other times I just want to curl up in a ball in my bed. Like today. Even as I took notes regarding the upcoming week's assignment/steps to increase my business' online/social media presence (I thought I had that covered!), here's what showed up on the screen in front of me:

  • This feels overwhelming to me!!! Hello, overwhelm. Let's go slow with this. Baby steps.

  • Feels like too much. Can I get "comfortable" with being uncomfortable? People will either love me or leave me. Vulnerable!

Then Monique said something. She reminded us that it is safe to change, it's safe to lose old friends and connections as we grow, and it's safe to be open to making new ones. It's part of the natural order to achieve the extraordinary. And I would say that my intention of nourishing the world with what nourishes me is an extraordinary vision and mission indeed.

This of course doesn't mean saying goodbye to everybody I know and love. It means letting go of those who choose to unfriend or stop following me on social media because I post so much. Spoiler alert - I'm going to start posting MORE (yikes!). In today's social media mania world, it turns out that it takes up to seven times and six different social media places for people to "see" the message. No wonder I feel overwhelmed - the world's gone crazy! Seriously, I think it's wonky that this is the way it is. And yet… it is what it is.

Thankfully, I'm established on Instagram, which is said to be the best place to be for the time being. One account for my business in general - Abundance Art, and one just for Maitri, my all white quirky deaf cat who is writing her memweowr (really!). You can also learn more about her here on the website. I would LOVE for you to follow each Instagram account and share with friends. But I digress... or do I?

Anyway, the focus of today's meeting was to learn more about how to leverage Instagram and how best to use hashtags and networking to grow a following to 10k. Plus how to increase visibility in Facebook for networking purposes. Oh, the whole idea of course is to generate income from the business. Like. Now. And this just hit me like a ton of bricks because I've taken the recommended steps and have the social media accounts and post regularly and offer online store promotions especially for joining my mailing list. I love the international connections and dialogue all four of the Instagram and Facebook accounts generate. And it will feel REALLY amazing when people make purchases and money flows in and I earn a very good living. In the meantime, I learn, I strategize, I implement. With help and support. I am here to learn, I am here to teach. I am here to receive, I am here to give. I keep working at this truth because I believe passionately that the world is hungry for what I have to give. Another truth is that today I just feel really discouraged.

Monique ended the virtual meeting with the encouraging words "Let's have a blow out week!" and everyone waved and said goodbye. As soon as I clicked "Leave Meeting" I started crying. I actually cried out loud "I don't want to have a blow out week!" I put down my laptop and cried and cried and cried. Then I sat quietly for a while, with that hicuppy half cry in my throat. I looked outside. I sat.

After a while, I found myself picking up my laptop. I messaged Monique with my overwhelmedness as well as my determination, and started on my assignment. Just a few small tasks today. Baby steps are very therapeutic. Then just let it go for now…  which reminded me of a song I wrote years ago when I felt completely overwhelmed and out of control on a huge computer software conversion project I was leading.

Out of all that came the desire to write this blog. And share the lyrics to Let It Go, Let It Go, Let It Go, sung to the tune of Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow. So here goes...

Oh the project plan is frightful and the deadlines are not delightful.

I've lost all control…

Let it go, let it go, let it go!


It doesn't show signs of stopping; my arteries will start popping.

But before they blow…

Let it go, let it go, let it go!


When we finally do convert, I will see that I am still alive.

Though I may be a little bit burnt, I certainly will survive.


Sooo, let's get back to work now, won't be a grumpy jerk now.

I'll go with the flow…

And let it go, let it go, let it go!

I'm letting it go for now, for today. I'm going to do something really nourishing for my soul, haven't decided what yet. Oh, and by the way, Monique messaged me back as I was typing this blog. She wrote "You are a champion and a leader and a beacon of light" with a double heart emoji.

Thank you Monique. I needed that. :)

What a great tribe. 


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