Welcome to Something for Your Soul!

Have you recently accomplished a huge personal goal? Perhaps you’ve survived cancer and/or healed from a severe illness/accident. Maybe you’ve stood up for yourself for the first time ever and it felt GOOD. Or maybe you decided you just plain want and need something to help you along your journey to wholeness.

It's time to mark the occasion. To lovingly remind yourself on a daily basis of just how incredible you are and to continue to enliven your indomitable spirit.

Are you ready to invest in yourself, co-designing and co-creating a one-of-a-kind painting that reflects your accomplishments and your best, highest aligned self?

This is EXACTLY what I offer... Something For Your Soul.

Having a custom/commissioned painting is a very unique and powerful way to proclaim the essence and brilliance that is you. 

Even if you don't think you have a creative bone in your body, you do know what you like. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how good it feels to be a co-designer and co-creator.

Every time you look at your painting, not only will you experience an uplifting of your spirit. You will also be reminded of what makes you feel alive and in real alignment, manifesting energy for the next big milestone. Or simply being present, whatever you intend.

I offer commissions in two sizes: 18x24 and 36x48.

Three Mandalas, 18"x24" acrylic on wood, framed with black wood. Original painting for sale   here  .

Three Mandalas, 18"x24" acrylic on wood, framed with black wood. Original painting for sale here.

Cobalt, acrylic on canvas, 24x36. Original painting for sale   here  .

Cobalt, acrylic on canvas, 24x36. Original painting for sale here.

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Let's create something beautiful together!

After our design call: "I was surprised at how powerful it felt when Annette told me that I was a co-creator. I hadn't really thought about that." 

Then... "I love it!" on receiving a photo of the nearly finished work. 

And then..."I just received my personal art work and it is a glowing testament to Annette's insight into my soul.  She heard my story and transferred my spirit to the canvas.  The piece is alive with meaning and will be a treasured heirloom for generations to come."

Mary Miller, Living Well, Living Lane, Eugene OR

Flowers for Mary, 18x24 acrylic on canvas

Flowers for Mary, 18x24 acrylic on canvas

Mystery, 18x24 acrylic on canvas

Mystery, 18x24 acrylic on canvas

Having this lovely painting right by my side allows me to enjoy it many times every day. And each time I look at it, I receive a different impression or message. It is different from other paintings, in that every time I look at it it draws me in to consider what it has to say to me on that particular day. The painting pulls me inside of myself and revealssomething deep within me. It is both a mystery and the unfolding of a mystery. It is velocity inside of the stillness or stillness inside the velocity. It is both untethered and grounded. The empty space is pure potential. Sometimes this feels wonderful and other times scary. As you can tell, it is intensely personal and I appreciate its everchanging presence. Thank you for the love and care that went into creating this for me.

 - Kathleen Hermes, Transformative Leadership Coach, Leawood KS

When I first scheduled my call with Annette, I was thinking of something for my office wall, with metallic gray and deep reds. By the time we talked on the phone, I had changed my mind.

"Wait a minute, “I thought, “this is for me! I spend all my time caring for my kids and husband and business partner. Now it’s my turn. I wanted the colors of spring – the dogwood pinks and redbud purple, the blue of hydrangeas. And green. And more blue … the blue of the ocean at Tulum, Mexico. And swirls, the trauma vortex and counter vortex, which I knew Annette would understand. Maybe up in the clouds. I wanted the painting to reflect a feeling of still being relevant in my world, of being needed.

I also told Annette that I loved the idea of roots and wings, you know, the poem that says parents give their children two gifts. One is roots, the other is wings. As the call unfolded, I was pleasantly surprised at how I experienced an opening up more to my authentic self.

Roots and Wings, 18x24 acrylic on canvas

Roots and Wings, 18x24 acrylic on canvas

When she presented the finished painting to me, she spoke of what she had taken from our call, pointing out colors, symbols and other imagery, including how she incorporated roots and wings. She shared her process of being prayerful, mindful and intentional about painting something that would be meaningful to me. That she saw herself only as the vessel for my creation.

Then she asked what I thought.

I was excited and I loved it! I looked at the images in the painting and began to recognize how they related to our initial discussion. I felt connected as a co-designer and co-creator. The painting now hangs in the hallway outside my bedroom where I see it many times throughout the day. When I look at it, I feel hope for the future, with me playing an important part. I am relevant. I am needed.

What pleases me most about the painting is that when I look at it, I'm reminded of the process I experienced with Annette. She really listened, helping me uncover feelings and discover areas of personal growth.

Laura Schaughnessy, Licensed Professional Counselor, MA, LPC, NCC, Kansas City MO

"Your website and scheduling the call was very user friendly, and the whole questionnaire and phone call process was very organized and easy to follow. On our call, the questions you asked gave me new ideas then and there. Also, I loved the co-creator, co-designer, you're the vessel part of the conversation. Especially for someone who may not think they are creative, and they end up seeing something they helped create." - Dr Joanne Mariano, Kansas City MO

"I liked how Annette was able to listen and reiterate back in such a way that it showed she was really listening and assimilating the most important things." - Nola Bienhoff, Lenexa KS