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Fall Harvest Fundraiser

Imagine a world in which those who struggle with anxiety and depression or other dis-ease find hope, learning to feel safe connecting with and expressing their emotions through creativity.
A world where children of all ages have easy access to healing materials and resources that help them find their true selves - and their way - in their lives.
Rooted in love, Abundance Art is all about making that happen, and about bringing more beauty into the world.
Because love and beauty transform. Me. Us. Those around us. The ripple effect unfolds, with more and more people encouraged, inspired and strengthened in their own journeys towards greater wholeness and well-being all over this beautiful blue planet.
You are invited and encouraged to help make my self-publishing process both possible and successful. The net result, getting this amazing book into the hands of as many people as possible, is already changing lives for the better.
Learn more about the book at Donate atโ€ฆ.
Thank you for your generosity. May you be blessed one hundredfold!

Later Event: October 6
From Fear to Love Paperback Release